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Can I touch it?

Well I received the infamous question that every natural gets at some point or another! Can I touch your hair? The sad part is that she was already fingering through my coils before she asked. This was some random chick in the dentist office. I don’t know about you, but that makes me cringe. It makes me feels so violated and unprepared! I always hate to be rude, but I don’t know where your hands have been. Who does that? Apparently people with no care whatsoever. I think it is rude. Every time someone that isn’t natural touches my hair they always say, “I just can’t go natural, I need my perm” (blank stare)! Are you kidding me? I would rather have my yearly pap smear than to have some random stranger touch my hair. 😏..

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Creamy Crack free

So I have been without a relaxer “creamy crack”  for almost 3 years. I decided to do my big chop in July 2010 and yesterday I washed and did a semi blow dry in order to do a length check. I am quite pleased with my grow. I am at shoulder length and the front is below my chin. When I first decided to do the big chop I felt so free and liberated. Now I am getting to a point where I don’t know what styles to wear. 🙂 I cannot wait until my hair grows down my back. I know detangling will be a challenge when it get halfway down my back, but I am up for that. I have started a new regimen since the weather is beginning to get humid again. I plan to start washing more often and deep conditioning more regularly. Do you all have any natural products that are a must try? I have been experimenting in my kitchen, and so far I’m quite impressed with the results and the feedback I have been receiving from family and friends.


Why I went natural

I have had so many people ask me what persuaded me to go natural? Well first of all I haven’t had a perm all of my life. My mother decided to put a perm in when I was in the sixth grade. At first I was very excited because my hair “before perm” was touching my butt. Over the years it started to get shorter and shorter, and became damaged. I cut my hair in junior high. I had the a symmetrical haircut, and thought I was fly! :). I still wasn’t pleased, so I began to grow it back. I went through high school with healthy long hair, but something  was missing. To make a long story short, my hair started to fight against me. I used optimum relaxers the majority of my “permed” years. When I would get a relaxer, half of my hair would become straightened, and the other half still appeared nappy. I noticed a breakage in the center of my head at the back. My beautician at the time suggested I was not washing the relaxer completely out. I was fed up! In 2009 my aunt was coming for her yearly visit from Virginia. Usually I get all dolled up and look my best, but this particular year I didn’t care about my appearance. When my aunt Gladys came to town in August 2009 I had not had  a perm in over 6 months. I really didn’t make a conscious decision to go fully natural until around February 2010. Everyone started to ask, “what is up with your hair?” My mom was my number one critic, for so many years (about 20 to be exact) she had control over my appearance. She felt obligated to tell me that I looked a hott mess, and that I needed a perm with the quickness. I have so much drive and dedication until I think the break that I was initially giving my hair turned into a battle to prove to my “haters” that I would be beautiful, and that I am comfortable in my skin. The journey began, and July 2010 I was on vacation in Chicago and was fed up with the two textures of permed and natural hair. I will never forget the scene of my husband and I performing what is known as the big chop on my hair. We had to cut about 2 inches of stringy permed hair away! I feel fabulous, I look fabulous, and I can’t wait to see just how big my fro can grow. My hair is back to the length that it was at  when I first started going natural in 2009. My number one critic, my mother, loves my hair. I am so pleased with the results. Stay tuned for pictures, and check out my pics at What an amazing journey! I have learned so much and each day is a new day to be just how God made me! All natural!

Peace and blessings!


Kinky curly review – YouTube

Kinky curly review – YouTube. Please check out my latest video and subscribe. Peace and Blessings!

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2012 BET Honors

I know this post is late, but I just wanted to reiterate on some of the performances and speeches that were made at the 2012 Bet Honors. The BET Honors has always been an exciting night for me because it always gave us hope when we were children. They always show the struggles and the victories of all of the honorees. As a child I can remember watching shows of this caliber and saying to myself that I too can one day have a story to tell. Watching Maya Angelou made me think of my grandmother. She always has wisdom to offer and encouraging words to keep you going a step further. I feel as though Mrs. Angelou is what my mother would call an “old skool fool” meaning she tells it how it is and you can take it or leave it. She doesn’t play and she means what she says. I love those type of people that don’t “sugar coat” life. I would love to sit down with her and I wouldn’t say a word. I would soak up all the knowledge and wisdom that I could.  I love how Michelle Obama painted a picture of Dr. Angelou with her words of aspiration. Michelle is so educated and beautiful, she exemplifies what every woman should aspire to be.  Dr. Angelou has always been one of my favorite people, she’s the type of person that when she speaks you shut up and listen.  Beverly Kearney portrayed strength, courage, and beauty up there on that stage and also throughout her career and life when the odds were against her. Kearney stated that, “my hero is my history, and failure is not an option.” Those words brought me to tears. I can think of so many times when I wanted to just quit because I couldn’t find my purpose, or when I wanted to drop out of college and say forget about it. Did y’all see Kearney strut across that stage, I was out of my chair screaming go head sister :). I think every human whether should have been tuned in. I love the stories of struggle and victory. I also really enjoyed Luke James, that brother could sang!! That was pure down-home singing!! Job well done brother!!  I feel we all can benefit from these individuals and know that this too shall pass. I would like to challenge you to do something extraordinary in the coming days. Step outside the box and volunteer your time and services in your community or in an area where you see need. Please leave feedback on how this made you feel doing for others without wanting anything in return. Peace and blessings to each of you!!

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Atlanta Natural Hair Show – Social Circle

Atlanta Natural Hair Show – Social Circle. I can hardly wait for April to get here. This hair show is going to be inspirational, uplifting, and very educational. Please attend everyone and bring a friend. Don’t meet me there beat me there. I missed the last one and was just broken hearted. I just walked into the dining room and told my husband, “okay I know what I want for valentine’s day” 🙂 he said what? I said, I want to go to every hair show this year… So there you have it. Mama always gets what she wants. (smile)… Well that’s all for tonight, stay tuned for my thoughts on the 2012 Bet Honors that was shown tonight! Peace and Blessings, I’ll talk to you on tomorrow.