Can I touch it?

Well I received the infamous question that every natural gets at some point or another! Can I touch your hair? The sad part is that she was already fingering through my coils before she asked. This was some random chick in the dentist office. I don’t know about you, but that makes me cringe. It […]

Creamy Crack free

So I have been without a relaxer “creamy crack” ¬†for almost 3 years. I decided to do my big chop in July 2010 and yesterday I washed and did a semi blow dry in order to do a length check. I am quite pleased with my grow. I am at shoulder length and the front […]

Why I went natural

I have had so many people ask me what persuaded me to go natural? Well first of all I haven’t had a perm all of my life. My mother decided to put a perm in when I was in the sixth grade. At first I was very excited because my hair “before perm” was touching […]

Kinky curly review – YouTube

Kinky curly review – YouTube. Please check out my latest video and subscribe. Peace and Blessings!

2012 BET Honors

I know this post is late, but I just wanted to reiterate on some of the performances and speeches that were made at the 2012 Bet Honors. The BET Honors has always been an exciting night for me because it always gave us hope when we were children. They always show the struggles and the […]

$10 off coupon at

“I always purchase my carol’s daughter products here when they are first offered because the prices are often much better than the actual retail price. “ I love shopping at -and now I want to share the love. HSN wants you to save $10 on your first item ordered for $50 or more. Shop […]

Atlanta Natural Hair Show – Social Circle

Atlanta Natural Hair Show – Social Circle. I can hardly wait for April to get here. This hair show is going to be inspirational, uplifting, and very educational. Please attend everyone and bring a friend. Don’t meet me there beat me there. I missed the last one and was just broken hearted. I just walked […]