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The moment of truth

I’ve been telling myself over and over again that I have to lose weight. I start diets and working out, and somehow always fail at them. Lately I’ve been on this health kick. I haven’t been talking about losing weight or eating right, but when I go to restaurants and grocery stores I have found myself making better choices. My moment of truth to lose weight always occur when I go into any dressing room with 10 pieces and come out with one. Being my size which ranges from a 16 on a good day, to a 20 on a very bad bloated day in a store where the clothes are not true to size. I usually shop at Lane Bryant locally, or if I’m out of town I love nordstrom rack. I would say for the last month or two I have been selective in what I put in my mouth. I have definitely cheated, and everything that I’ve eaten hasn’t been healthy. I would surely say that I am getting there. I am writing this blog because I want everyone to know that usually when you lose something you later want to find it. In my case I don’t want to find my weight, so I would like to get rid of it by donating it to nature. I’m sure the earth can use a few pounds, but i’m not interested in having the excess baggage anymore. 🙂 My eating style has consisted of one gallon of water per day and more fruits. I eat less fried foods and less sugary snacks. I have been researching pescetarian diets and also gluten free products. I have noticed a tremendous change in my skin and also the moisture content of my natural hair. My skin is starting to clear up and I have less pimples during my monthly visitor. So who wants to join me? I would love a buddy!


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