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2012 BET Honors

I know this post is late, but I just wanted to reiterate on some of the performances and speeches that were made at the 2012 Bet Honors. The BET Honors has always been an exciting night for me because it always gave us hope when we were children. They always show the struggles and the victories of all of the honorees. As a child I can remember watching shows of this caliber and saying to myself that I too can one day have a story to tell. Watching Maya Angelou made me think of my grandmother. She always has wisdom to offer and encouraging words to keep you going a step further. I feel as though Mrs. Angelou is what my mother would call an “old skool fool” meaning she tells it how it is and you can take it or leave it. She doesn’t play and she means what she says. I love those type of people that don’t “sugar coat” life. I would love to sit down with her and I wouldn’t say a word. I would soak up all the knowledge and wisdom that I could.  I love how Michelle Obama painted a picture of Dr. Angelou with her words of aspiration. Michelle is so educated and beautiful, she exemplifies what every woman should aspire to be.  Dr. Angelou has always been one of my favorite people, she’s the type of person that when she speaks you shut up and listen.  Beverly Kearney portrayed strength, courage, and beauty up there on that stage and also throughout her career and life when the odds were against her. Kearney stated that, “my hero is my history, and failure is not an option.” Those words brought me to tears. I can think of so many times when I wanted to just quit because I couldn’t find my purpose, or when I wanted to drop out of college and say forget about it. Did y’all see Kearney strut across that stage, I was out of my chair screaming go head sister :). I think every human whether should have been tuned in. I love the stories of struggle and victory. I also really enjoyed Luke James, that brother could sang!! That was pure down-home singing!! Job well done brother!!  I feel we all can benefit from these individuals and know that this too shall pass. I would like to challenge you to do something extraordinary in the coming days. Step outside the box and volunteer your time and services in your community or in an area where you see need. Please leave feedback on how this made you feel doing for others without wanting anything in return. Peace and blessings to each of you!!


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